We're proud of the services we offer and how we deliver them.

With more time allocated to see patients, we know our patients feel listened to, understood and that they're receiving a service that’s truly personal to them. This gives our passionate GPs, nurses and physiotherapists the time and space to do their work to the very best of their ability.

Our colleagues enjoy working in supportive environments that offer fantastic clinical and professional facilities, to support them in delivering the very best service to our patients.

We offer competitive pay and benefits for our colleagues too, because there's nothing we value more highly than the work they do.

Here's what our patients have to say about what we do:

J. and M. Winter

My doctor has been looking after us with great care, understanding, and a lot of common sense for the last 7 years. She successfully cured my husband of a severe case of insomnia. She always refers us to excellent specialists when necessary. She always replies to emails very promptly. We find her a very caring person and feel in safe hands with her.

Kathryn W.

I hadn’t felt right for a long time but didn’t want to trouble my NHS GP again. My Private GP made me feel as though she could give me as much time as I wanted. She listened and asked questions that made me think about things I hadn’t previously considered. Thank you for getting to the bottom of my troubles.

T Macarthur

I am sending you this letter of recommendation for Private GP Services. I have always been very impressed by the team’s ability to handle our family’s medical situations and get my children to relax when others could not. Their professional approach helped our family’s quality of life through some tough medical situations over the past 14 years of being one of their patients. I would strongly recommend the practice.